If you are on the fence in terms of choosing which type of patio light fixtures to install, a good first step is to determine whether the primary purpose for installing this form of outdoor lighting is aesthetic, functional, safety or some combination of all of these factors. This will help you to lay a firm foundation for selecting not just the type of outdoor patio lighting fixtures, but also which patio furniture designs that will be used in conjunction with the outdoor lights to transform an otherwise empty slab of concrete into a natural extension of the living space of your home – something that can safely be enjoyed at any hour of the day.

So, why install patio light fixtures?

Well, for one thing, if you have any sense of personal pride, I think you’d want to add to the curb appeal of your home – which your neighbors will certainly appreciate!

Another thing your neighbors will appreciate is the fact that installing patio lights adds value to your home – and, by extension, theirs!

Think about about – would you rather purchase a home that is dark as coal at night, or one that is tastefully lit … a house that incorporates many different outdoor lighting designs which emphasize – through the use of uplighting, moonlighting and such – favorite trees, architectural objects and generally showcases all of the home’s best features at night.

LED Lights

Before deciding on the best type of patio lighting fixtures for you, it’s a good idea to quickly address the type of outdoor light bulbs you’ll probably be using. By far, the most popular form of outside bulbs used in patio lights these days is the LED bulb.

LED landscape lighting gives off a pleasing and subtle form of light – and is plenty efficient!

How efficient?

Well, LED bulbs have a lifespans that are close to 10 ten times as long as the lifespans of compact fluorescent bulbs – which give off, to me, the most obnoxious form of outdoor illumination (but are typically chosen mainly for their long lifespans). Also, LED light bulbs last much longer than common incandescent bulbs.

Patio light fixtures that use LED light bulbs will generally cost more up front than traditional fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, but cost much less in the long run because of how energy efficient they are. In addition to this advantage, LED outdoor lights (which light up very quickly) generate very little heat – which makes them much safer to have around plants, animals and people.

Types of LED Light Bulbs

(i) Warm white (which is 3000 Kelvin) is the type of LED light bulb that gives off the most similar type of illumination as the standard incandescent bulb. So, if you are looking for the type of LED bulb that is going to give off the type of color you are most accustomed to on the inside of your home, you’ll probably want to select warm white LED bulbs.

(ii) Cool white (which are 5000 Kelvin) is the type of LED bulbs that gives off a light color which can best be described as moonlighting. These bulbs are another lovely option for patio lighting – but the type you choose will depend on the particular application and personal preference.

Okay, so now that you know what type of outdoor light bulb are most commonly used in outdoor patio lighting, the rest of this article is designed to merely give you some landscape lighting ideas.

An important point to take in before you begin – have fun with this!

If you are not proficient with coming up with patio designs, you can always consult a design expert, the Internet, friend, relative or neighbor who has already been through what you are setting out to accomplish.

So, you do want to make sure that your landscape lighting project is thoroughly thought-thru and designed to make sure the outdoor lights accomplish their primary purposes – but don’t forget to instill your own sense of personal style into the project.

And that is where the fun comes in – at least it should!

You don’t even have to spend money on electricity to get this kind of job done. To give you an idea of a few alternative patio lighting options that don’t rely on running up your electricity bill, candles and torches can add both romantic and festive feels to your patio – but, for obvious reasons, are not ideal for every everyday use. The same holds true for propane lighting – an often overlooked form of landscape lighting that can be extremely practical and pleasant on occasion.

Solar Patio Lighting

In conjunction with LED light bulbs, solar patio lighting is just about the safest, most efficient and most popular form of patio lighting.


Well, these fixtures are almost brain-dead simple to install, cost virtually nothing to operate and come in a seemingly endless variety to match or complement the exterior of any home.

If you are wondering how to install outdoor solar lights, it really can be as simple as just sticking the fixtures into the ground. There is no electrical wiring to deal with – and this is one of the great appeals of solar patio lighting and solar garden lighting.

Worried about when your outdoor patio lights will switch on and/or turning them off so as not to waste energy?

These worries are easily alleviated by the introduction of solar landscape lighting fixtures onto your patio. Solar lights contain photo cells that absorb the sun’s energy during the day and automatically switch on at dusk – either that or or many offer the option of a motion sensor light switch that turns the lights on and off at predetermined times.

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