Malibu landscape lighting products are a popular outdoor lighting manufacturer with many homeowners for a few main reasons:

(1) First of all, they offer just about every type of light fixture you could possibly think of to implement into your landscape lighting designs. They offer flood lights, bollard lights, path lights, tier lights, surface mount lights, and a wide selection of specialty lights – like outdoor party lights.

(2) In addition to a wide and varied selection of lights, Malibu offers consumers just about every type of accessory they could possibly want or need to bring their outdoor lighting ideas to life. This means you won’t have to shop separately for such things as weather-proof transformers, insulated cables and replacement parts.

(3) Whatever style you are looking for, chances are good there is a Malibu landscape lighting product available to achieve the look you are going for. From tastefully restrained and conservative designs to post-modern styles, all you have to do is browse through their extensive selection online to come up with a design that will match the overall design theme of your home.

(4) You also don’t want to overlook quality of construction and durability. It really won’t matter a whole lot how nice your lights look or what kind of spectacular illumination they provide if they are not built to withstand the weather conditions they will inevitably be exposed to.

For this reason, Malibu constructs its products with non-corrosive materials that protect against the rain, snow, fog and other moisture the fixtures will have to withstand over the years. They also feature copper, brass or electrostatic coatings. These coatings are used to make sure the fixtures will not only last a long time without need for replacement, but also stay looking “brand new” for a good long time.

(5) Lastly, you don’t want to purchase outdoor lighting fixtures from a manufacturer who doesn’t stand behind its products or offer technical assistance when needed. All Malibu landscape lighting products are deigned with the do-it-yourself homeowner in mind. Each product comes with extensive directions to make installation as simple and easy as possible. Should you have a question, their website has a toll-free number to call, you can simply submit a question online or you have a final option to look over their extensive “knowledge base” which has helpful answers to commonly asked questions.

In addition to this, each product is backed up with a 30-day refund/exchange policy. Product warranties also ensure whatever you buy is protected against manufacturer defects. So all of these factors are pretty decent reasons to at least include Malibu on your list of lighting manufacturers to consider.

Malibu Low-Voltage Outdoor Lights

The beauty of low-voltage landscape lights, when compared with traditional 120 high-voltage lights, is that they offer a safe, energy-efficient, and extremely cost-effective form of outdoor lighting. They are also easy to install – relatively speaking of course! Unless you have no mechanical skills whatsoever, there should not be a need to bring in a professional service to install them for you.

Typically, the only tools required to get the job done are a shovel and a screwdriver!

Malibu low-voltage designs feature power packs that range from a minimum of 88 watts all the way up to 900 watts. In order to select the power pack right for your landscape lights, you will need to determine the total number of lights you want to have installed. The power pack itself is connected to the main 120 volt electricity source of your home, where it is then converted down to the lower 12 voltage current.

Now, in order to properly install your lights, you’ll definitely need to follow the specific instructions included in the manual that came with your lights. But if you are wondering what kind of job is in store for you (and if you even want to take on this job yourself), here’s a quick overview of a typical installation process:

The first thing you will want to do is make room for the wiring you will be installing. So, either use a spade or shovel to turn over the sod where the wires will be installed. (Since you are using 12 volts for the entire landscape lighting system, only one transformer is required for all of the lights.)

Once the wires are in place, it’s now time to install the transformer and then make the wire connections at this source. After this, you will connect the wires to each specific lighting area prior to actually installing the light fixtures themselves.

Once the wiring is all connected, you can them install each lighting fixture – making sure each light is in the desired position and making changes accordingly. After you have the light fixtures exactly where you want them, it’s just a matter of placing the sod back into place.

As far as how deep the wires need to be covered, you needn’t concern yourself with burying them too deep. What matters is that they are covered and out of harm’s way. Just keep in mind where the wires are buried to make sure they stay in place and are easily accessible should the need arise to get at them for any reason.

Okay, these instructions were very much over-simplified, but I hope they give you an idea of just how easy it can be installing Malibu low-voltage landscape lighting. If you have the patience and inclination to set aside a day to do this, you’ll save yourself an electrician’s bill and have the satisfaction of knowing you have installed quality outdoor lighting that will last for years in the future.

Once installed, what you’ll find is that Malibu low-voltage landscape lighting products offer a warm and subtle form of light that is perfectly suited for lighting such areas as decks, patios, gardens and pathways. In short, they are ideal for just about any form of outdoor lighting project – even outdoor security lighting if you so choose to go that route with low-voltage outdoor lights.

Malibu Solar Landscape Lights

One other extremely popular choice is that of low-voltage solar landscape lights - and Malibu offers an extensive selection. These lights are even easier to install than what was just described and, when combined with LED outdoor light bulbs, offer the most cost-effective lighting designs available for your home’s exterior.

Now, there are few drawbacks to implementing solar outdoor lights. The first is that they will only work as well as the amount of daylight they are exposed to during the day. The second is that the light they provide is not as powerful as the light offered by high-voltage and low-voltage lighting systems. So, they are less reliable and powerful – in general.

But, with that said, there are a few distinct advantages:

(1) Solar lights are better for the environment. When employing solar driveway lights, solar patio lights or any other form of landscape lighting, you are not using electricity generated from coals because solar landscape lights are powered by the sun. It stands to reason that this is going to leave less of a footprint on the earth’s environment.

So that’s a good thing.

(2) Outdoor solar lights cost less to operate. Although these fixtures are generally the most expensive to purchase up front, in the long run they will save a ton of money over running traditional high-voltage and low-voltage lights. Solar panels collect the sun’s energy during the day and power the lights at night. So this means no run-up of your electricity bill.

(3) Finally, solar lights don’t require such things as transformers and cables – which makes them ideal for hard to light areas of your property and where installing electrical wires may be risky, such as areas prone to water accumulation.

This is just a brief overview of what Malibu landscape lighting products offer the typical homeowner. In my view, they are definitely worth considering for their wide product selection, customer support, quality construction and generous warranties. You may want to look further into their products yourself.

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