I honestly think it goes without saying that a well-designed outdoor landscape lighting design is an absolute must for completing the overall appearance of a home. To overlook or willfully choose not to include this important and finishing touch to your property certainly isn’t going to win you any friends in the neighborhood – and you can bet that nobody will come knocking on your door to include pictures of your home in the next issue of Better Homes & Gardens or the local equivalent!

So, unless you’re flat-out broke, you really have no excuse not to include landscape lighting on your property.

And why the heck wouldn’t you want to??

Is the security of property important to you? If so, then incorporating outdoor security lighting on your grounds is certainly going to add to your peace of mind – both when home and away.

Do you want to be able to use your patio, deck, backyard, pool area and miscellaneous other areas of your property at night? Unless you have some sort of phobia that keeps you indoors 24 hours a day, then the addition of such things as outdoor patio lighting and outdoor path lighting is going to greatly add to the functionality of your home after dark- not to mention safety.

What about aesthetics? Do you care about how your home and property looks after dark? If you answered no to this question, let me just state right here and now that I am relieved and glad to know that you are not a neighbor of mine!

But, if you answered yes, then you’ll be happy to discover the myriad of creative ways you can illuminate your property that not only make your property a stunning thing to gaze upon, but also make it safe, secure and highly functional!

Who wouldn’t want such things for the home they live in?

And, you know, the process of installing outdoor landscape lighting onto your property can be a fun, creative and exciting process. Regardless of what your goals are – decorative, functional, or some combination of both – there is going to be a seemingly endless array of choices to choose from in terms of styles, designs, shapes, colors, sizes and so on.

And you don’t have to bring in the services of a professional to get the job done right.

Just start with an idea and start researching from there. A great place to start is the Internet. This will give you ideas on where to creatively implement landscape lighting fixtures.

You’ll find literally hundreds of ways to incorporate outdoor flood lights, pond lights, outdoor path lights, driveway lights, and outdoor lanterns – just to name a few landscape lighting ideas.

A tastefully designed outdoor landscaping design takes into account both aesthetics and functionality. In order to get the most out of your property in the warmer months, here are a few tips to create a design that is both pleasing to the eye and highly practical:

(1) Avoid overly-bright or harsh lighting – In other words, you generally don’t want to install a 1000-watt flood light to illuminate your entire patio or deck. Sure, it will be well-lit, but it will do nothing for ambience.

To set a nice, warm and relaxing mood, shoot for installing outdoor lights that are soft, understated and subdued. It’s better to use a larger number of dimmer, more subdued lights than to use one extremely powerful spotlight!

Did I even need to say that?

Just shoot for simple, minimalistic and elegant outdoor lighting fixtures. That’s all I’m saying!

Here a few of other landscape lighting tips to help you along if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas of your own:

(2) Focus outdoor lighting fixtures on statues, favorite trees and other centerpiece objects in the backyard, front yard or garden.

(3) Outdoor flood lighting is something to consider in areas of the patio for which bright lighting is important – such as a barbecue area.

(4) Door archways and flower beds are ideal for accent lighting.

(5) If you would like to silhouette a favorite tree, statue or some other object, this can easily be accomplished by placing an outdoor light behind the statue, tree, etc.

(6) Outdoor string lights carefully and strategically places along trees or bushes create a soft, subtle and gentle glow.

(7) White, cream and other off-white colors complete a more traditional lighting effect. But colored lighting also has its place. Just always keep in mind that you are trying to achieve an elegant and tasteful lighting design.

(8) For parties, holidays, birthday celebrations and such, there are outdoor party lights to suit every occasion. This much I can assure you!

I could go on with additional outdoor landscape lighting ideas all day. Whatever type of outdoor lighting you choose to use, as long as you are aiming for a warm and gentle atmosphere, you honestly can’t go wrong!

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