Okay, I honestly don’t think I have to say what purposes outdoor party lights are designed for, do I?

but, with that said, outdoor party lighting sure is something that can spruce up just about any kind of celebration, be it a birthday party, graduation party, First Communion party (for the nice Catholics!), and even a going-away party for a mother-in-law who over-stayed her welcome!

In fact, some people use outdoor party lights all year long!

Ever wonder why people leave their Christmas lights up all year long? More than likely, 90% of those who do, do so out of sheer laziness and a lack of courtesy for their neighbors. But the remainder may simply like this type of lighting for the ambience outdoor party lighting conveys. This still is most unfortunate – because it reflects unrecognized ignorance, in my humble view!

Some other people actually try to incorporate this kind of outdoor landscape lighting into a sort of half-baked outdoor security lighting design. But this is not the best of plans because outdoor party lighting is not designed with security in mind. Please don’t do this if you are truly intent on securing your house.

Instead, invest some form of motion sensor outdoor lighting to get this kind of job done.

but I’m digressing!

Back to the matter at hand.

Types of Outdoor Party Lights

There are many varieties of outside party lighting. For just about any kind of party, holiday or celebration you can think of, there is more than likely a form of outdoor lighting that is designed specifically for the occasion. And there also are many types to suit every kind of budget.

Here’s a very brief introduction to the most common forms of outside party lights:

(i) Outdoor String Lightsare immensely popular not only for their versatility, but also for the way they make decks, trees and patios appear. Solar string lights, lantern string lights, rope lights, and LED string lights are just 4 types of outdoor string lighting to choose from.

(ii) Low-Voltage Outdoor Garden Lights - are a safe and economical way to light up decks, patios and gardens for festive occasions. LED garden lights, solar garden lights, and garden string lights are just 3 varieties of low-voltage outdoor garden lights to use when celebrating any kind of occasion.

(iii) Outdoor Holiday Lights – are a form of landscape lighting I alluded to earlier. I can’t say for sure, but I sincerely doubt there is one major holiday for which a corresponding form of outdoor party lighting is available – in every type, size, design, style, color, etc.

(iv) Outdoor Patio Lights – are another popular form of outside party lighting. 4 main forms of outdoor patio lights that are perennial favorites with homeowners include fountain lights, traditional lanterns, hanging outdoor patio lights and outdoor string lights.

Paper Lanterns – Celebrating the Oriental Way!

Paper lanterns have been around for a long, long time and, as far as I can tell, originated in Japan, China, or somewhere else in that neck of the woods. Most of the outdoor lanterns are used over here in the states either as a way to reflect an oriental flair both indoors and outdoors – and as a form of outdoor party lighting.

and as you might guess, paper lanterns are constructed of … well – paper!

Now that that mystery is cleared up, here are some other things you may or may not know about this form outdoor lighting and some creative landscape lighting ideas to implement them.

Christmas Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are still used by many people to celebrate Christmas. This is done by inserting candles or tea lights inside paper bags. This gives a beautiful and elegant form of lighting – that’s for sure! This effect also can be achieved in a safer manner by using battery, electric or solar power paper lanterns.

Globe Paper Lanterns

Globe paper lanterns come in tear drop, cylinder, oval and any other type of geometric shape. They are constructed by adhering paper to a metal frame of bamboo or hoops. So they can found in just about any size or shape.

The type of shadow cast by a particular globe paper lantern is determined by what type of paper is used in its construction. This makes globe paper lanterns suitable for both quiet settings and also as festive outdoor party lights.

So, globe lanterns constructed of lace paper will be better for romantic or more intimate settings because of the soft shadows they produce. Globe lanterns constructed of solid rice paper will cast a brighter light and can either be used as a home’s primary source of light or as an outdoor party light.

In addition to these two types of paper lanterns, there are also types that use LED garden lights or some other form or small bulbs. These paper lanterns are so small they can be used to celebrate Christmas by wrapping them around the Christmas tree.

Additionally, these tiny paper lanterns can also be strewn in trees or hung from a patio to celebrate any other occasion.

Should more standard-sized or even super-sized paper lanterns be more to your liking, there are numerous styles that can be used to celebrate such things as festivals, birthday parties and maybe even the random bar mitzvah … who knows?!?

The possibilities are endless!

The great thing about paper lanterns as a source of outdoor party lighting is that they are exceptionally affordable – not to mention highly adaptable! These lights can used as table lamps, ceiling lights and even floor lights!

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