When I see a home’s back lawn bereft of any backyard lighting, I often wonder why the homeowner doesn’t take advantage of the obvious advantages landscape lighting conveys.

If the reasons aren’t financial, I personally can’t see why any homeowner wouldn’t want to implement some nice outdoor deck lighting and outdoor path lights. At the bare minimum, these outdoor lights would provide a warm welcome to visitors – not to mention a clear and safe way for guests to navigate the front and back of the home’s property.

There are so many good reasons to include backyard lighting:

(1) For one, installing such things as outdoor patio lights and  solar LED garden lights can be considered a permanent improvement to your home; and, as such, are only going to increase the value of your home should you decide to sell it.

(2) For another thing, tactfully installed outside backyard lights flat out make your home more visually appealing. And, through the installation of these outside lights, you will have just created that much more living space during warm weather or, depending on where you live, the warmer months of the year.

Why confine your patio, deck, pool area, garden areas, and other backyard areas to daytime enjoyment only?

It doesn’t make sense!

(3) Still yet another thing, backyard lighting makes your property more secure.

Who can reasonably argue against having proper illumination that enables you and your visitors to see the way clearly around the grounds of your own property? Do you want your guests tripping over unseen objects when this kind of embarrassing scenario can easily be avoided merely by installing some outdoor landscape lighting?

Who also can disagree with the notion that it’s a good idea to have lighting in areas where prowlers and other trouble makers can potentially hide in order to pull off some caper – like robbing, marauding and other meddlesome activities?

Backyard Lighting Ideas to Get You Started

High-Voltage, Low-Voltage or Solar Backyard Lights?

Before setting off to the store to purchase some outdoor lights for your backyard, it’s important that you have a clear idea why you want to install them.

Is your main reason safety? Functionality? Aesthetics? Security?

A combination of all of those reasons?

Once you have answered those questions, you’ll then need to consider the size of your property, how it is laid out, and the landscaping already in place.

Then you’ll need to decide between using high-voltage outdoor lights, low-voltage landscape lights, solar landscape lights, or some combination of all three types. Each type has its own intrinsic advantages and disadvantages, so you’ll want to do some research on each type before making any decisions.

What I can tell you, though, is that most homeowners find the most sensible thing to do is to combine a mix of both low-voltage and solar lights.

Low-voltage LED landscape lights are a favorite among a majority of homeowners for their ability to safely and efficiently light areas of the backyard where sun is not readily available during the day.

Solar garden lights, on the other hand, cost virtually no money at all to operate, and will be available for use should a power-outage occur.

So, just from these two quick little examples, I think you can see the prudence in the decision for including both low-voltage and solar outdoor lights into your overall backyard lighting design.

Types of Backyard Lights

When you have decided what portion of your lights should be high-voltage, low-voltage or solar, your next step is to decide on the particular backyard lighting styles to choose from.

And there a lot!

You can choose from outdoor chandeliers, outdoor string lights, pond lights, outdoor flood lights, outdoor party lights and many other forms of outdoor accent lighting – with each category having its own large number of styles, sizes and designs.

So it can become overwhelming pretty quick if you don’t have some sort of plan in place before you start shopping.

An important point to fully understand from the beginning is to not get carried away!

In other words, you don’t want to use too much light or too many styles at once. Select a few choice outdoor lighting fixtures that best fit your home’s design but also serve to accomplish whatever practical and functional lighting goals you have.

Do that and you’ll be well served.

Hopefully, this little article has helped, in some small way, to help you see the advantages of implementing backyard lighting on your property. It’s such a no-brainer decision. And with so many landscape lighting ideas to choose from, there is bound to be some form of backyard to suit every taste, budget and purpose.

Effective use of such things as patio, deck, garden, pool, pond and path lighting will make your home a warm and inviting place when dusk arrives. And by installing some additional fixtures like wall lights and flood lights, you’ll take care of your outdoor security lighting as well!

So there you have it – some very good reasons to include backyard lighting. If you want to increase your home’s value, while at the same time improving its appearance, functionality and security, the choice is an easy one to make!

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