Take a stroll down the street of any respectable neighborhood during Christmas season and you’ll more than likely be struck by how visually pleasing it is to see all of the homes decorated with outdoor string lights, outdoor lanterns and other types of holiday lights.

Yet, once the holidays are over, many of these same homes are back to the drab appearance notable only for their complete lack of any form of outdoor accent lighting.

This, to me, seems likes such a shame!

A homeowner’s outdoor landscape lighting, or lack thereof, creates the very first impression of the home on new visitors and passers by.

In short, it reflects a homeowner’s pride of ownership.

So, unless you happen to be broke as a joke, you honestly have no excuse not to decorate your home with outdoor accent lighting.  And the reasons why you should are brain-dead obvious.

Don’t you want your home to be one of the best looking in the neighborhood?

Don’t you want your home to be safe and secure?

Let’s go into some of the main benefits of outdoor accent lighting a little deeper:

(a) Aesthetics – the beauty of outside accent lighting is that they allow you to highlight and feature particular trees, plants and/or architectural objects situated on your property that you are particularly fond of.

There are a myriad of ways to utilize accent lights as well. You can use these lights to highlight, reveal, conceal, soften, dramatize, and on and on. Your ability to use outside accent lights is limited only by the amount of time, effort and creativity you put into it.

From outdoor garden lights to outdoor chandeliers, there is a form of outdoor accent lighting matched to any area of your property.

(b) Security – accent lighting is not limited only to beautifying the home. There are literally hundreds of ways to use this type of landscape lighting as a means to ward off intruders and other unwanted malefactors.

So, as you are installing some nice outdoor path lights or driveway lights, your main motivation initially may have been decorative, but these same outside lights are also an excellent form of outdoor security lighting.

Now, when your initial concern in safety and security, there are also tons of options in the form of outdoor flood lights – whose primary purpose are to serve as outside security lights.

(c) More home enjoyment – unless you are a recluse, have a phobia of outdoors or are just some form of misanthrope, chances are good that you’ll appreciate having your property well-lit at night.

During warmer weather, who doesn’t like to spend as much time outside as possible?

You know?

All you need to do is install outdoor accent lights on your patio, deck and/or patio and you’ll have instantly created more living space to be enjoyed when the sun goes down.

What’s not to like about that?

And, really, decks and patios are just the beginning of the possibilities for outside accent lights. You may want to install some pond lighting, or install outdoor recessed lighting in the fountain or pool included on your property.

As long as the lighting is tastefully implemented, you will instantly add value to your home, further the enjoyment of your own home, and win the admiration of your neighbors.

Uses For Outdoor Accent Lighting

It’s best to think of outside accent lighting in terms of how and where particular lights are positioned in order to produce a desired effect. It’s as simple as that. So, whether you are looking to highlight or feature your garden, flower bed, water fountain, or whatever else – all that matters is that you are looking to tastefully shed light on these areas.

The majority of outdoor accent lighting available to be purchased on the Internet and in home-improvement superstores are those of the LED landscape lighting variety. These highly versatile outside lights are able to bring any outdoor lighting idea to life. The LED light fixtures used in accent lighting outdoor typically implement small lights, which can easily be pointed in almost any direction.

The main purpose of these LED garden lights is to focus their light on the object or feature it is illuminating. Therefore, these lights typically are not decorative, but rather designed to be non-obtrusive.

Additionally, while LED accent lights are still able to be wired as high-voltage, which provide a clear, bright and sharp light; the downside is that these lights will need to be professionally installed and also will be relatively expensive to operate.

Which is why many homeowners are now opting to implement low-voltage outdoor accent lights onto their property. The technology contained in this type of outdoor lighting improves with each passing year. What this means is that the lights keep getting brighter and more powerful -yet cost a fraction of what high-voltage lights cost to operate.

If you want to keep you costs exceptionally low, you can always opt for solar accent lighting. This is another form of landscape lighting that gets more popular with each passing year because of technological advances that make solar accent lights more powerful and longer-lasting. You can largely thank LED lighting for both of these advancements.

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