Outdoor pendant lighting is a great option for illuminating patios, front porches and other entryways. As with most forms of landscape lighting, outdoor pendant lights can equally address aesthetic and safety concerns – offering a welcoming light for visitors in a cheery, yet elegant manner; while at the same time illuminating dark spots so as to ward against devilry, naughtiness and catastrophe.

And, if you are at all worried about finding just the right outside pendant light to fit in with your newly purchased Frank Lloyd Wright-designed home, you needn’t fret; there is a decorative fixture design to perfectly and illustriously harmonize with almost any home’s exterior!

Outdoor pendant lights, most typically suited for areas and rooms with high or vaulted ceilings are, as you might guess, suspended from ceilings. Another fact that may come as no great surprise is that the chain invariably (but not inevitably!) is going to match whatever material the lighting fixture is composed of – whether brass, antique brass, brushed nickel, brushed steel, chrome, and so on … you get the idea.

On top of this, you have the option of choosing from over-sized hanging drum shade pendant lights – on end of the spectrum – to halogen mini pendant lights, on the spectrum’s other end.

The choice you make is just going to depend what you want to say about yourself and your home.

You know?

Outdoor pendant lighting doesn’t have to be stodgy, old, stale and dull. Honestly, it’s what I first thought of when I conjured up thoughts of outside ceiling pendant lighting.

But not so!

This is what I have learned, much to my merriment and surprise!

Outdoor pendant lighting fixtures can be fresh, youthful, rustic, modern, contemporary, Victorian, mission, whimsical, sparkling, industrial chic, unconventional, whimsical, and … well, you choose the word!

If you are getting more than a little sick and tired of your outdoor recessed lighting fixtures, believe me when I tell you that manufacturers are out there in this world that make it simple and easy to replace these boring outside recessed lights with something that either simply can be screwed into the ceiling or some other form of outdoor pendant hardware that can be mixed and matched with various pendant glass shades.

And what this makes possible is an almost endless array of combinations that you can call your very own creation!

What choices are available in pendant glass shades?

Well, for starters, there is stained glass, then you have hand-blown art glass (a personal favorite!), then on to beaded crystal, colored crystal, mosaic, ceramic, capiz shell, ceramic, antique copper, hallophone glass, schoolhouse, antique copper, vintage glass reproductions, and the list doesn’t end there!

Oh no.

What hardware finishes are available for outdoor pendant lights?

How about choosing from brushed steel,copper, chrome, bronze, white, black, polished nickel, antique brass, brushed nickel, satin nickel and polished nickel?

Looking for something along the lines of outdoor track lighting? Well, there are landscape lighting kits that include rail track pendants – which are made to be used outside.

What about an outdoor lantern pendant lighting fixture or even something like a Moravian star pendant lighting fixture? Just check in the outdoor hanging lanterns sections of your local home improvement store or favorite landscape lighting shop online.

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